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Bulgarian legal process

Company formation

 You use your Bulgarian Ltd. Company to obtain a property in Bulgaria (not required if purchasing an apartment in Bulgaria as it has minimal land ownership or it has not).
350 Euros are the state and solicitor fees for the setting up of the limited company. After the company is ready we proceed and acquire the property ownership rights for you. The company registration takes about between 10 to 15 days.

In case you have not a Bulgarian company.

Our solicitor will help you to set up the company. The process goes like that:
 - You sign all the documents needed for the company formation giving our solicitor a POA to register the company.
 - 2600 Euros stay deposited in a temporary bank account – this is the starting capital of your company. This bank account is set up by our solicitor. It stays there until the company registration is completed – 10-15 days. After that the 2600 Euros is withdrawn.
 - 350 Euros are the state and solicitor fees

 If you purchase your property by the internet then you just need to send a copy of your passport via e-mail to our head office at . Then our lawyer will prepare the documents needed and will send them to you by e-mail together with some instruction how to sign and legalize them in your country.
If you come for a viewing trip of properties and find the property for you during you are in Bulgaria then the process is the same however you sign and legalize the documents in front of a Notary here in Bulgaria.



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